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Global and Local Strategy & Technical Experience

We help organizations across the private, public, and social sectors create the change and the innovation they need. 

For over 15 years we have always helped our clients identify and set the road map toward their most important objectives. 

All our clients have become multi millions dollars enterprises by following a simple strategy: “Agile Performance through Simplicity”.  We help to make the future a reality today: working together to turn Technology & Innovation the cornerstones that will make your ambitious goals into reality. From the C-level to the front liners, we partner with our clients to transform their organizations for exponential success. This means embedding innovative technologies, digital transformation, analytics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and strategic designs into agile processes that work. Developing capabilities that help organizations and individual to thrive in chaos while creating and empowering excellence in execution to ensure that day-to-day activities translate into everlasting success is our commitment to our clients. Our team members are the best, most dedicated, and exceptional senior leaders in the USA, Latin America and Europe. We integrate global expertise and local knowledge to help you create the innovation and change that your business needs.

High ROI

Many companies find that constant operational costs prevent their investment on new technology. By working with us, you can focus on what you do best, running your business, while we make affordable Innovation a reality

Satisfaction Guaranteed

That's why our goal is to provide an experience that is tailored to your company's needs. No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing professional customer service.

Meet the Team

Technology & Strategy Experts

Innovative and Strategic

300+ of the most efficient and innovative profesionals in Strategy, Innovation, Cloud, CPaaS, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Agility Performance, Security, Intelligence and Digital Transformation. 

The senior team of 100+ have been in the organization since 2010.

500+ clients served in over 30 countries

We now work with Fortune Global 2000 and medium size companies in USA, Latin America and Europe. As of 2019, we've made 20+ clients become $500 millions plus in revenues corporations. And that's just the beginning. We help our clients to become Global and leaders in their industries. Explore our projects and impact of innovation and learn why we're a the most agile service provider across more than 20 industries.

IT Consultants

Empower customer-centric digital strategy and implementation, innovation and product development, advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence deployment for mid to large-scale agile transformations

Business Strategists

Bring comprehensive expertise in strategy, strategic planning, start-up ecosystems, corporate ventures, growth equity, and corporate finance with a focus on helping both traditional companies and start-ups build and scale digital businesses



Additional Information

Our organization consistently “extracts new insights and creates new forms of value in ways that change the markets, the organizations, the relationship between employees, employers, citizens, governments, and more.” 

We topple old practices and challenge our understanding of how to develop effective strategy, make decisions, and understand to empower the changes of the stark realities of disrupting technologies in the enhancement of new and established enterprises, businesses, governments and individuals. 

Mission statement – Cognitive Intelligence at work

X – Strategy, Computing, AI & Cybersecurity

B - Innovative Cognitive Computing, Performance Crew, Compliance Experts

1 - CPaaS, SOC / CERT, Security & Event Management, Big Data, Blockchain

Global Strategy, Local Execution

PROBLEM: Last year thousands of enterprises experienced less growth than expected causing billions of dollars in lost gains. The evolution of disrupting strategies, ommi channel communications, cloud and mobile technologies, and the aging of operational processes and legacy systems have elevated the importance of strategy and innovative cognitive solutions.

SOLUTION: A tailored solution dynamically adapted to your organization’s REALITY / BUDGET / ROI objectives to empower the achievement of every  strategic objectives, growth and development; coupled with the required technology and easy deployment for efficient, rational, and effective execution. 

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We extend our full-service technology and business capabilities through a powerful ecosystem of market leaders and innovators. What does that bring to our clients? The best specialized skills in the world and the newest IT solutions available.